1) Church-Waddel-Brumby House / Welcome Center - Narrated by Ethiel Garlington and Janet McNair Clark, Music by Pylon

2) Lyndon House Arts Center - Narrated by Claire Benson, Music by Japancakes

3) The Classic Center - Narrated by Philip Verrastro, Music by Athens Symphony

4) Athena Statue - Narrated by Jean Westmacott, Music by Vic Chesnutt

5) City Hall & Double-Barreled Cannon - Narrated by Former Mayor Heidi Davison, Music by REM

6) Morton Theatre & Hot Corner - Narrated by Erwin Greene, Music by Kenosha Kid

7) 40 Watt Club - Narrated by Paul Butchart, Music by Of Montreal

8) College Square - Narrated by Kathryn Lookofsky, Music by Redneck GReece Deluxe and William Tonks

9) UGA Arch & Monument Median - Narrated by Nash Boney, Music by UGA Wind Ensemble

10) Oconee Rivers Greenway - Narrated by Dick Field, Music by Packway Handle Band